How it works

The process of coaching is tailored to your unique personality type through the use of the Enneagram personality mapping system. You will identify your personality type, align with core values, build upon signature strengths and break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors. This personalized method of coaching sets it apart from others, as it is an in-side-out approach.  You will learn how to connect to your true essence and experience personal transformation. Through your own insights and a greater awareness you start to experience an alignment between your internal world and your behaviour 

The end result of this process is reaching your full potential and creating the life you so desire.  Click here to take the free Enneagram Type Indicator.

The Evolving Process

The evolving process combines the efficiency of business with the unique needs of the individual.

Stage I – Current Reality

• Establish your Type according to the Enneagram
• Identify repeated patterns of behaviour
• Expand your awareness around the impact of these patterns
• Clearly identify meaningful goals
• Use tools to observe these patterns.

Stage II - Getting Out Of Our Own Way

• Understand the Inner Critic
• Establish methods  to manage the inner critic
• Identify your needs and values
• Identify your passions
• Use tools to manage the change process.

Stage III - My Authentic Self

• Formulate manageable strategies to accomplish the meaningful goals
• Use tools that support your growth
• Enhance greater self-awareness
• Be yourself